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Looking for the perfect solution to transform your goals into habits that stick? Meet your new secret weapon: the 90-Day Habit Tracker! Consider this your personal drill sergeant, minus the yelling. It will hold you accountable so that you can build the lifestyle you desire.

FAQs on the free printable 90-day habit tracker


A habit tracker is a guide that helps you monitor and analyze your progress on all your target habits, whether that’s completing your workout routines, journaling every morning, or going to bed by 10 p.m.

Why is a HABIT tracker important?

When it comes to habit-building, using a habit tracker is useful for many reasons. These reasons include:

Accountability: A habit tracker keeps you accountable for your goals. Accountability is crucial for building good habits because, let’s be real, everyone needs a gentle (or not-so-gentle) nudge sometimes.

Visual Motivation: Seeing is believing, right? With a habit tracker, you can monitor your progress visually. Each checked box is a milestone that serves as a visual motivation to keep you going.

Consistency: Habit-building requires consistency. The habit tracker encourages you to show up every day to practice those habits.

Identifying Patterns: Ever wonder why your attempts to build a habit get sabotaged? A habit tracker helps you spot patterns in your journey. You can pinpoint what went wrong, and brainstorm strategies against potential pitfalls.

Celebrating Wins: A habit tracker lets you celebrate your victories along the way, whether they’re small or big. Even little wins make habit-building a productive journey.


Jazz it up: You don’t have to settle for a bland template, especially if you’re not big on freestyling. It’s why I created this habit tracker. Personalize itโ€”add colors and stickers. Just make it a reflection of your fabulous self.

Start small: Remember that quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It might sound cliche at this point but it’s true, especially for habits. Start small. Pick one or two habits to conquer first, and grow your mastery there.

Stay consistent: Set realistic habit goals that align with your (dream) lifestyle. Then, stay consistent with these goals. Keep it simple, so you don’t lose focus or motivation.

Reward yourself: Instead of punishing yourself for slip-ups, celebrate your wins. Did you smash your habit goal for the week or month? Treat yourself to something nice.


While the “21 days to form a habit” idea is a popular notion, Science says it takes about 66 days to turn a behavior into a bona fide habit.

So, what’s the 90-day fuss?

Well, it’s all about mindfully cementing that habit into your lifestyle. You need more than 66 days for habits to become as automatic as hitting snooze on Monday mornings. So, 90 days will give you the time to make mistakes, get over the mid-way doubts, and form habits that stick.

Download the 90-day habit tracker

By the time you’re done committing to the 90-day habit-building, you’ll be a happier and more productive YOU. Are you ready to build transformative habits that stick?

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