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How to Start Blogging About Fashion: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re passionate about outfit trends and inspiration and want to share your sense of style and creativity with the world, then you should consider blogging about fashion. 

Starting a fashion blog—for women or men—is one of the best online business ideas. It’s an excellent way to explore your passion, build a community of fashion lovers, and make money blogging. 

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn about:

  • Top fashion blogging websites
  • How to start a fashion blog
  • Fashion blogging ideas for website traffic
  • Writing tips for fashion bloggers.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Top Fashion Blogging Websites to Inspire You

Before getting to the part about how you can start your fashion blog, here’s a glimpse into the world of fashion blogging to show you what’s possible and help you decide what you want for your blog.

These are seven top fashion blog examples to draw inspiration from as a beginner:


Screenshot of a fashion blog, Atlantic Pacific | How to Start Blogging About Fashion

Owned by Blair Eadie, Atlantic-Pacific boasts of a collection of vibrant, elegant, and timeless style and outfit ideas. This blog shares Blair’s east-coast-meets-west-coast style. From the moment you land on her website, you’ll instantly fall in love with her fashion sense, the color pop, constantly featured sunglasses, and contagious elegance. 

My Fash Diary

Screenshot of a fashion blog, My Fash Diary | How to Start Blogging About Fashion

Tala Samman is the personal style blogger behind My Fash Diary. She talks about the hottest fashion trends in Dubai, the Middle East, and other cities she travels to. My Fash Diary covers other lifestyle topics such as travel, beauty, and food.

The Sartorialist

Screenshot of a fashion blog, The Sartorialist | How to Start Blogging About Fashion

The Sartorialist is a classic fashion blog that focuses on street fashion. This blog is owned by Scott Schuman, a travel photographer who focuses on capturing men and women in various cities around the world and showcasing street style in its purest form. His idea is to portray fashion in a way that relates to our daily lives as humans.

The Daileigh

Screenshot of a fashion blog, The Daileigh | How to Start Blogging About Fashion

The Daileigh, by Ashleigh Hutchinson, boasts of minimalist style and chic clothing inspiration. This blog shares tips on how to transform your appearance with trending and timeless fashion. You’ll get ideas on different collections of clothes, shoes, and accessories to transform your looks. You’ll also find the latest clothing trends to keep you in-style.

Girl With Curves

Screenshot of a fashion blog, Girl With Curves | How to Start Blogging About Fashion

Girl With Curves is another fashion blog worth checking. This website dispels the belief that women are supposed to be of a certain shape and size. Tanesha Awasthi created this blog as a safe haven for medium- and plus-size women who want to slay because fashion is for everyone. It covers other topics, such as beauty and wellness.

Style Pantry

Screenshot of a fashion blog, Style Pantry | How to Start Blogging About Fashion

Folake Huntoon is a fashion designer and personal style blogger at Style Pantry. Initially, she started the blog to document her daily outfit style and explore her love for fashion. But what started as an online diary has grown to serve a broader audience as a personal style blog for women who want everyday stylish clothing inspiration.

The Modest Man

Screenshot of a fashion blog, The Modest Man | How to Start Blogging About Fashion

The Modest Man, founded by Brock McGoff, is a popular fashion blog that focuses on sharing practical and honest men’s styling advice. It covers a range of topics, from building a majestic wardrobe to combining colors, perfectly-suited grooming, fine styling for short men, and proper etiquette.

How to Start a Fashion Blog

Starting a fashion blog can seem daunting, but with the right strategies, anyone can become a successful fashion blogger. In this section, you’ll learn step-by-step how to start and grow your own fashion blog.

1. Choose a Niche

Deciding on a niche is the first step to take when starting a fashion blog. Use your interests and experience to choose a fashion niche and determine who your target audience will be.

The fashion niche is huge, so you will build recognition quickly when you’re known for a particular style. You can niche down through your clothing style—whether that’s street style, vintage, luxury brands, business casual, sustainable fashion, or chic style—or audience (e.g., fashion for women, men, or plus-sized women). 

2. Select a Blogging Platform

There are different platforms available for blogging. These include platforms such as, Squarespace, Wix, Showit, and If you already have a target platform, go for it. Otherwise, I’d advise you to use

Apart from the fact that is the most popular blogging platform, powering over 43% of all the websites on the internet, it has other advantages, such as:

  • Being open-source and free for all 
  • Supporting different plugins and tools that make customization easy
  • Allowing for scalability and business expansion because it’s not limiting.

3. Get a Domain Name & Hosting

Your domain name represents your address online. It’s how people will discover your blog. Make it relevant, relatable, and memorable by choosing a name that suits your niche. You can purchase your domain name from Namecheap at a good price. 

When choosing your hosting—which is how you make your blog accessible online—you need to consider factors such as reliability, speed, pricing, and customer support. Here are two of my best recommendations for website hosting.

4. Design Your Blog

Now, it’s time to set up your blog. Choose a color palette, typography, and theme for your blog’s design. Then, customize the layout in a way that reflects your style and is visually-appealing. You can use a website builder like Elementor to make this a breeze. 

Overall, you want to ensure that your website is user-friendly and the experience is seamless. Also, submit your website to Google Analytics and optimize it for mobile responsiveness and accessibility across all devices. 

5. Create Compelling Content

Once you’re done setting up your blog, it’s time to actually start blogging about fashion. Start by developing a content strategy that aligns with your style and audience. 

Since it’s a new blog without any present analytics, experiment with different fashion blog post ideas (which I will talk more about in a bit). Prioritize high-quality content that captivates your readers and showcases your unique perspective on fashion and style. I created a guide with ChatGPT prompts to come up with custom content strategy, blog outlines, keywords, and content tailored to your niche. 

6. Build Your Audience

Growing an audience for your fashion blog will take time and intentional effort, but it’s worth it because that’s how you build long-term success. 

If you’re using SEO strategies to grow your blog, which you should be doing, the results won’t come immediately. So, while waiting for organic search traffic, you can promote your blog on your social media platforms, build an email list, and collaborate with other fashion bloggers to reach a broader audience.

7. Monetize Your Blog

Once you’ve built a dedicated audience, you need a financial plan. There are various blog monetization strategies to make money from fashion blogs. Many successful bloggers in the fashion blogosphere have diverse income streams, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, display ads, brand collaborations, or selling products. 

By following these steps above, you can become a fashion blogger and start sharing your ideas with the world.

25 Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

Keyboard, pens, and notes to write down blog fashion blogging ideas | How to start blogging about fashion.

As a fashion blogger, generating fresh, engaging, and opinionated content is key to maintaining reader interest and growing your audience. Here are some fashion blogging ideas to spark your creativity:

  1. Outfit of the day/everyday style posts
  2. Fashion trends and analysis
  3. Styling tips and beauty advice
  4. Shopping discount lists and affiliate links
  5. Fashion hauls and accessory purchases 
  6. Fashion week events, conferences, and runway shows
  7. Must-have clothing and accessories
  8. Brand collaborations and reviews for sponsored content
  9. Fashion/styling on a budget
  10. Your personal story of how you fell in love with fashion
  11. Celebrity style guides
  12. Beauty products for a chic, permanent style
  13. Wardrobe tour
  14. Behind-the-scenes, including photoshoots, event preparations, and day in the life
  15. Fashion fails, especially during award nights and fashion events
  16. Your personal style evolution 
  17. Fashion history 
  18. Shoe collection and review
  19. Style inspiration for wedding outfit
  20. Dressing up for formal events
  21. Iconic designer brands 
  22. AMAs (ask me anything) and FAQs (frequently asked questions). These questions can be from your social media channels. 

Writing Tips for Fashion Bloggers

Writing engaging content is essential for capturing and retaining your readers’ attention. Here are some writing tips to follow when blogging about fashion:

1. Have a voice. Find your unique voice and get comfortable expressing yourself in that tone. It makes it easy for readers to identify and connect with your personality.

2. Share your opinions. While it’s good to focus on what’s trending in the fashion industry, find the space to give your genuine opinions about these trends and styles. Have a point of view.

3. Use visuals effectively. You’re blogging about fashion, and “fashion” and “style” is more about what you see than what you hear. So, use high-quality images to support your points.

4. Keep it clear. Make sure that your blog posts are clear and easy to digest. Steer clear of vocabularies, industry jargon, and complex statements.

5. Stay consistent. Create a blog editorial to help you maintain a consistent posting schedule. Your consistency will establish you as a reliable source of fashion tips and inspiration.

6. Be up-to-date. Stay updated on the latest fashion trends and industry news to ensure your fashion blog remains relevant and timely.

Final Thoughts: How to Start Blogging About Fashion

Blogging about fashion is a creative way to express your personal style, share your takes about trends, and connect with fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

Starting a fashion blog can be a fulfilling and profitable idea. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can go from ideation to launching your own fashion blog. 

Remember that building a successful blog requires consistency and intentionality. Start, be consistent, and most importantly, have fun with it.

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