Content System Template

This is the spreadsheet you need to simplify and monitor your content workflow. This content template is perfect for bloggers and business owners who are ready to simplify their processes and boost their content marketing results.

What's included:

In the Content System Template, you’ll find seven useful sheets to organize, simplify, and evaluate your content workflow and performance.

  • Business Analyzer: to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and content/marketing strategies
  • Blog Editorials: to plan, schedule, and track your content output
  • Keyword Analyzer: to analyze keywords you’re trying to optimize your website for
  • Funnel Idea Folder: to map out topic ideas for the different stages of your content funnel—ToFU, MoFU, and BoFU
  • Content Repurposing Sheet: to repurpose your content for multiple channels and social platforms
  • PR Pitch Tracker: to track your domain authority and guest pitches for link building
  • Monthly SEO Report: to evaluate your website’s growth every month to see what’s working

Simplify your content workflow

If you’re a sucker for organization and productivity, the sheets you’ll find inside the Content System Template will change your business game.

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