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You are tired of hiring writers who pinky-swear they know their stuff but never get result.

You’ve been writing and tweaking words you think can move hands into pockets, but these words keep failing.

Your brand is growing so big that content creation process has become overwhelming and time-consuming.


Your business drive is heading to the parking lot. You ask yourself, “Will I ever find a way?”

Yes, you can!

Freelance Copywriter Sally Ofuonyebi

A Freelance Copywriter & Content Strategist who creates conversion-driven copy and engaging content for small business.

Let’s work together to communicate your brand values, message and offers through the power of storytelling, psychology and marketing.


– I hate mayonnaise! I’ve tried but no, thanks.

– I dance to relieve stress. 

– I’m obsessed with exclamation marks and emojis.

– I prefer tea to coffee.

– My favourite verse of the scripture is Isaiah 49:16.

– I do stand-up arguments. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer at five.

– I snap most of my best pictures on days when I’m in black (I dunno why).

Grow your business with the right words + strategy