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Are you in need of:

1. A failproof content strategy that keeps your business growth and marketing on the go?

2. Insightful, attention-grabbing content your audience is head over heels for?

3. Keyword optimization that gets you more money and authority?

4. SEO strategy to improve your brand visibility and lead generation?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll handle these parts with such efficiency your business needs to scale, while you go on to handle your area of expertise. 

What The SEO Writing Process Entails

Your content is about to become the coolest kid on the SERPs block and get you more customers and sales.

understanding your content goals

We'll jump on a call so that I can get clear about your business goals. During this time, you'll be able to decide if we're a good fit.

customer persona study

I'll study your customer persona files and style guide to know your target audience, unique selling point, and brand personality.

topic development + grouping

Depending on your project scope and needs, I'll develop a pool of topic clusters and content ideas for each category.

keyword Research

I'll conduct thorough research for profitable and long-tail keywords you can realistically rank for.

Competitor Analysis

Time to take a peek at what competitor sites are blogging about and ranking for. I'll use insights gained to reinforce your SEO content power.

Content Outline and Structuring

I will create and send over a detailed outline with search engine-approved post structuring before proceeding with the first draft.

Metadata Inclusion

Every blog post will have a meta title and description optimized for search engines. All images will have alt texts for increased search engine discoverability.

Headline Analysis + Content Writing

Depending on your project scope, each article will take 3-5 days to complete. This writing process will include: addition of images, statistics where needed and headline analysis to ensure that your post topics check the SEO and human engagement boxes.

Content Editing + Engagement Optimization

Time to polish the draft! This process will include: optimizing for target keywords, adding relevant CTAs, revising the draft twice (proofreading + editing) and making it reafy for engagement in your brand tone.

Internal Linking

Within the body of each article, I'll hyperlink to relevant pages of your site to increase engagement, reduce bounce rate and improve your content SEO. Relevant external links are included.

What The Content Strategy Process Entails

Your content strategy is about to take your biz to the top-level conversion zone. 

Enjoy the ride!

Strategy Call

We'll get on a strategy call, so I can get a solid grasp of your content marketing goals and analyze your current strategies.

Strategy Mapping + Brand Messaging Kit

I'll go on to create a content strategy roadmap in Trello for your business. You'll also get your brand messaging kit which includes: brand personality, customer persona details, unique selling point, and brand mission.

topic development + grouping

Depending on your content strategy map and business needs, I'll develop a pool of topic clusters and content ideas for each category.

keyword Research

I'll conduct thorough keyword research for profitable keywords and long-tail keywords you can rank for.

Editorial Calendar

You'll get an editorial calendar with a quarter-of-a-year worth of content done for you. The calendar will include categories, suggested topics, keywords, and content briefs with keyword research screenshots.

Choose Your Business Needs

Good to have you here! Let me know what you need help with.





Straight From The Clients

"Sally is a pro at making sure client requirements are met. She got the hang of our style guide easily and is quick to implement feedback and suggestions. She has a great attitude and is an excellent team member. You can count on her for awesome content that meets and exceeds your needs."
Editor at The Blogsmith
"What I found impressive about Sally is her communication skills. Many writers have communication hiccups but not her. She delivers great content in time. Expect the best from her!"
Elton Mwangi
Content Manager at Hashtag Lilac

Should You Work With Me?


Get SEO Content that drives more traffic

Make more sales with keyword-optimized write-ups

Receive your content projects right on time

Build brand authority with insightful SEO topic clusters

Take time off content creation to do what you enjoy.


Let your competitors win in the industry-authority game

Waste money hiring writers who don't get it

Remain undiscoverable and lose potential leads, sales and revenue

Get overwhelmed from guessing and worrying about your website content performance

Never take breaks to unwind