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If you intend to start a successful blog, and you are skeptical about what would or wouldn’t work; read my story first!

If there was one thing I was sure of, it wasn’t that I was born to write, it was/is that I was born to get paid to write. As the random sweet girl, I am, I started a blog early last year wanting to share great tips with a lot of people and thought I was so ready for it. But my blog failed.

It was my first blog ever, and I made terrible blogging mistakes new bloggers should never do. My failure taught me a series of great lessons though, I blog smarter now. Below are the jumbo-sized reasons why my first blog failed (sounds petty, but trust me their effects were not-so-petty).

1. I started out on a free platform

I would write content as it came to me, I was on content mills as a Freelance Content Writer and wasn’t really making anything. A lot of people, when they see some samples of my writings, would tell me things like “Your content is great, you should have a blog.” I finally decided to start my first blog (it’s down now though) sometimes in early April 2019. I read a little about blog name generation and created a blog on a free blogging platform ( I didn’t even spend a dime and was like blogging is cool, I wasn’t wrong ‘cause blogging is really cool, but I just wasn’t right-if you know what I mean.

As a writing service provider, starting out on a free platform only showed how unserious and unprofessional I was about my business. This is not a gag, but if you want to market your business/ services to your ideal client and/or intend making real money blogging, a free platform is not the best option. That old website required techy customization, as I was trying to attain something similar to my dream blog. I am not tech-savvy, although I tried my best. The blog eventually looked nice, but I was drained, and this was my first mistake.

Don’t repeat my mistake, create a self-hosted WordPress website.

2. I was random in my approach

I am not proud, but I really was random. I wasn’t sure, didn’t plan, just wanted to blog. I changed my website name and subdomain about a hundred and one times (okay, it wasn’t that crazy! I only did 3 times). I wasn’t consistent with the flow of blog outlook, or content. I didn’t even know what I wanted to blog about. I said “lifestyle” but looking back now, I was just a pretty Lil joker.

Don’t let your freelance or blogging dream be fuzzy. Have an end in mind, treat it like a business by having a blog plan. Pick a category you love, and be true to yourself. It doesn’t matter if many people aren’t doing it. It’s what makes you unique. Don’t make the mistake of being random, be strategic! If not, you’ll conflict with yourself. For example, if your blog posts and services page have no relations whatsoever, you need to check your doings.

3. i had no interest in the blog content

Was I the author? Check!

Was I the blogger? Double Check!

Even if it wasn’t completely mine (the shared domain hassle), my blog was definitely deserving of my interest. I just had no delight in my content. In quick words, I lacked the passion for it. I know you are very excited to start blogging, but blog about your passion, service, or brand and then, monetize it. Create the kinds of content that won’t tire you. This is so that when your blog topic is searched for, your blog will be seen as value-giving and insightful.

4. I was not consistent

I had no content strategy, both for its creation and marketing. I posted whenever I felt like it. Imagine going to a job when you feel like it…are you seeing the picture? You will stay home the whole day, every day and then, get fired! Value is key, consistency is too. If I made a post once, which resonated with you, you’ll applaud me and forget about me soon after (or probably, a little while later). But, if I post on a regular on the topics that resonate with you, I will always be top of mind for you when it comes to that subject.

If you ever want to be a successful blogger or a successful anyone for that matter, you must learn consistency. When you focus on your blog, you’ll be consistent with it. “What you focus on, expands,” says T.Harv Hecker, and he is very right.

5. I couldn’t hit share buttons

you are a “I-don’t-like-to-publicize-myself” kinda person, you really need to lose that now if you will ever make money blogging. Every car needs oil, and traffic is the oil in our case. When I started my first blog, I was always hesitant about hitting that button to share my content with the rest of the world. That made me unseen, and kind-of-like killed my old blog.

Do not be afraid to be seen, show the world the beauty of being you while making your money. No stress, but really, you need to grow your website traffic. It is not just about the money, but if you have good news to share, don’t stop sharing! Go on social media platforms and market your content. Don’t create superb informative posts only to hide them.

6. I had no blog plan

Imagine a random girl claiming to be serious about big things without having goals to achieve? Sounds crazy? Yeah, right! I had no set blogging goals I intended to score, and this is a blogging mistake to avoid. I was just doing my thing based on my instincts. It is not a very nice thing to walk alone very blind, but a blind man can walk the right path if guided rightly. I admit again, this is another awful reason my first blog failed. This is what I mean in two points:

  1. Get a blogging mentor (role models, or friends who are better bloggers)
  2. Create a blog business plan

(To save yourself of the rigour of creating a blog business plan, get my free blog business plan template).

Have you ever gone through terrible blogging mistakes? I would love to hear your story, share with me in the comments!

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