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My life, last year, was a bed of rocks-not roses.

I started the year as clueless as Alice in Wonderland, figuring out what next to do with my life after concluding a voluntary yet mandatory one year service to my country. I had some amount of money I gathered but didn’t know how to multiply, started a blog without purpose and failed bad…badly.

I moved far from home trying to sort out my life and ended up spending every single penny I had saved. It was a crazy hand-to-mouth experience that had me frustrated and depressed all the way. Finally, I found freelance writing but that is a story for another good day.

On the eve of the new year, for the first time, I made a resolution I intended to stick to. I promised not to do some unproductive things that made the last year taste like vinegar.

It’s not a gag, but if you don’t intentionally commit yourself to growth, your life won’t get better. You need a strong ‘why’ to stay committed to productivity and personal development. I woke up one blessed morning, stood in front of the mirror, and right there stood my why…

It was me, but not me. What I saw was the reflection of the woman I wanted to be, a strong image I’ve painted in my head and looked forward to.

I dashed to where my journal and pen were, and made a list of things I was doing that would stop me from becoming the woman I saw. I wrote down 5 unproductive habits I’ll stop for a very fine year and life.

Here are the 5 habits I promise to let go. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

1. Not To Be Broke

This right here is a tough one, and it’s always been top of my list for ages. Haha! I don’t even know how I pull it off whenever. Life could get crazy at times, I have so much today, and I wake up tomorrow… And poof, I’m like “where the hell did all my money go?.”

If you do your best to sustain yourself like me, I am giving you a virtual hug right now. No matter your level now, you are doing great…so let’s do more.

Not getting broke won’t happen by magic. I honestly wish I’m a part-time magician so that I can wave my wand and have all the cash flying around. But we can both agree that if wishes aren’t horses. So, what to do now?

The first way not to go broke is to find a way to earn-for me, it’s freelance writing; budget your spending, save some and invest more.

2. Not To Overfeed

Overeating, for me, is a thing. Like…”how would anyone want to score a goal like this?”

I know it probably sounds like some ridiculously crazy goal, but I’m on it. Don’t tell anyone.

So, most times, I find it effing hard to plan my day while working from home. Truth is, either I forget to eat at all, or I unleash my aggressive hunger on a meal, and feed myself till my belly begins to cry.

I find it hard to eat enough and not more…but lately, I’ve been holding the forth; winning in this war against overfeeding. I practice flat tummy workouts, and for general fitness. Trust me, exercise is a boost to life and business productivity.

3. Not To Wake Up By 9am Again

I said to myself “Sally, don’t ever wake up by this time again, unless, of course, you attended a vigil.”

I don’t know if I should pride myself on this because the downside isn’t pretty…

I’m a night owl: stay up all night, sleep at dawn and wake up really late in the morning. Even when I sleep early, I still wake up when my whole morning has almost passed away.

It boils down to discipline, right?

Here is the good news! I have been doing better. I’m an early riser now-7am sharp (my own definition please). Wake up, have my prayers, workout, bath, make breakfast, settle in, and still beat 10am. I’m friggin’ proud of myself right now. I wake up early, have my quiet time, read a while, workout, and still beat 9am…Ain’t I Superwoman?

4. Not To Procrastinate

I used to deserve an award for this, I’m gradually becoming a better person. Procrastination is not just a thief of time, it steals purpose.

You want to do this and that, but you’re feeling lazy and can’t get shit done when you’re not motivated. You zip it up and say ‘not today, maybe tomorrow.’

Don’t postpone your goals, and dreams, and life plans. What’s the point postponing anyways? The time won’t stop ticking. If it couldn’t wait for me when I was a little girl with a missing tooth struggling to pronounce ‘fluffy’correctly, I don’t think it will for you honey. In truth, it won’t for anyone.

If you want to start something, just do! Stop waiting for things to be perfect, or till you get a hyper-motivation. Motivate yourself, take the leap.

I waited too long to start a blog, discover purpose, or even say, “Hello there! I’m a Freelance Content Writer for hire“, but don’t be like that. We drag important stuff cause we think too much, just act.

5. Not To Wish More Than I Do

I wake up those times, feeling so elated in my spirit and wishing all my big fat dreams would come true. I understand how important it is to conceive your dreams in your mind, but wishing and wishing without acting gives no result.

Don’t just wish you had enough money to do whatever, make enough of it instead. Rather than fantasize the whole day (when you’re not a creative writer or artist), let those wishes push you to work instead.

I am still improving as my Rome won’t get built in one day. So, I want you to have a “why”, that is, what keeps you going; fight every goal-block, focus on self-development and smash your life goals.

What unproductive things are you stopping for a better life this year? Let me know in the comments.

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32 Replies to “5 Unproductive Habits I’m Stopping For A Better Life”

  1. Thanks for this write up Sally.
    The marker point for me here is in Number 4.
    You made a point that really struck me.
    You said the below;
    We drag important stuff cause we think too much, just act!
    Honesty this is one thing I need to stop doing.
    Thanks Sally.

  2. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

  3. Wow… I know u are a very great writer dear.. And this can’t be rated as any good or better
    This is magnificent, great and splendid…
    Mama gave us a gift which was you…
    You were made to inspire and turn the world around for good …
    And am so happy and grateful that this is what u are doing dear..
    Thanks for standing firm on your feet and thanks for bringing out that greatness in you… Especially for this writeup am so inspired..
    Greater height ahead…. Thumbs up… For this huge one

    1. At a point, I thought I was gon’ cry. Alas, I didn’t😄. I am a big girl, and big girls don’t cry.

      Thanks for all your beautiful words. You make me want to do better

  4. Well for someone like me, the development this year as been crawling. But I still feel there is a little bit of hope somewhere. This is a great write up.. I love it!

  5. I could relate with all the don’ts so well
    Number 1 is still a big shocker!
    As for number 2, I overeat when I’m extremely bored but I have been finding something to occupy so I guess that has been beaten to some level.
    As for ‘ don’t procastinate’, Jesus! Where do I start from. I keep motivating me but none has exactly stuck
    All in all,baby girl,ur words flowed
    I’m super proud of u rn

  6. I dig the conversational tone. Nice one Sally.
    I was thinking, the next time you have the thoughts of overfeeding, just send it to me.
    Cool control mechanism, right?
    Yea, I know. You’re welcome.

  7. Oh sweet one!

    Glad you came up with this perfect piece. For me, this post sheds more light on how you’ve improved on your productivity in 2020. All the tips were beautifully weaved into words I can relate to.

    Weldone Sally.

  8. Number one and four resonates with me perfectly. Just that I didn’t put it down in writing. Been falling foul of number four though…I hope your article will help me overcome it.
    Your writing amazes me. Always on point and top-notch.

  9. The things I promise myself to do at the beginning of 2020 is to grow financially, because it was a big struggle for me in 2019

    1. Nice piece. Number is a good wish o! O know God is helping me not to be broke even in this pandemic. Others are worth adhering to seriously. Thanks Sally for your motivating article

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