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Sales Page Template [Free]: How to Write a High-Converting Sales Page

So you’ve solved the puzzle and pieced your big idea into an amazing offer that will transform the lives of your audience. It’s time to put together a bomb-ass sales page that sells like crazy.

You grab your computer with all the excitement in the universe, open a blank Google doc, and are ready to write from the heart. After what feels like an eternity — a couple of hours maybe — you are still there in front of the blank screen with the cursor blinking at you.

The frustration at this point is intense. With a sad face and persistent sighs, you slowly close the computer and stand up, about to take a launch pause.

Don’t. You can create a banging sales page that keeps your phone chiming with sales notif. I will work you through the sales page framework step-by-step and give you a free sales page template to sell your stuff and shine. Cool?

Grab a seat and leggo!

The 6-Part Framework of a High-Converting Sales Page

  • Headline
  • Lead
  • Offer
  • Root Benefits
  • Street Credibility
  • Call to Action


Before your ideal audience get a chance to read your incredible offer, guess what greets them first? Your headline. 

Essentially, the best sales page template has 3 parts: pre-headline, main headline, and subheadline.

Your headline should hook attention and introduce the benefit of your offer or the pain points you aim to solve. While you want to catch viewers’ attention, your headline shouldn’t be clickbait (cause that is the fastest way to hike your bounce rate and lower reputation).


This is the part where you’ve got to really speak to your audience. Call them out, don’t simply address an average joe or jane you find online. 

This is the part where only the “right” traffic reads on, and this will to a large extent, impact your conversion rate. 

Use a hook — this could be a true story, statistics, or surmise — to lead the readers to the problem identification.

Then, highlight the pain points this problem(s) causes. Use empathy to guide your ideal audience to a solution that works. 

Note: The problem is not the pain point. It causes the pain point E.g., Unemployment (the problem) makes it impossible to take care of the family’s needs (the pain point).

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The Offer

Now that you’ve presented the solution, it’s time to pivot to your offer. 

Note: The solution is not the offer. You can let your audience know that a vegan diet is a safe way to lose weight (the solution). Then, introduce your offer, which is a 30-day vegan weight-loss meal plan.

Using a clear USP (unique selling proposition), position your program or course as a better, faster way to achieve the solution. 

Here are some things to include in the offer section:

  • Your offer details: features and benefits, mode of delivery, and duration (if applicable)
  • The value breakdown of your offer
  • The price, which should be lesser than the value
  • Any form of scarcity if needed (use genuine scarcity and justify the reason for your offer scarcity). 

Selling features instead of benefits is one of the costliest sales page mistakes creatives make. Ensure that you emphasize the benefits of your offer features.

Root Benefits

A mistake several entrepreneurs make on their sales pages is “selling features” instead of benefits(the overall and root benefits). Not highlighting your offer benefits and root benefits is a bad step if you want more conversions

Just as features aren’t enough, and you should market benefits. Also, extract the root benefits of your offer from the overall benefit and use these to boost your sales page conversions — because emotions spark reactions.

Features are your offer contain, benefits are what they’ll achieve using these features, while root benefits are what they’ll achieve with your offer features on an emotional level.

So, let me explain “root benefits” using Facebook (the offer) as an example.

  • Feature: Facebook Watch
  • The Benefit: to entertain you while scrolling through the app
  • Root benefit: allows you to take a fun break from work or boredom by watching entertaining videos on the app.

Street Credibility

You need to affirm your credibility to gain your audience’s trust and increase your conversion rate. 

Include social proofs you’ve got: social media stats, top website feature, credentials, experience, press releases, certifications, and awards. 

Then, use as many client testimonials as you can — the better your reviews and ratings, the higher your chances at conversions.

Call to Action

Your call to action should be the last thing on your sales page. However, you can include it several times throughout the length of your copy.

Ensure your call to action is clear and tells the audience precisely what you want them to do.

Bonus Sales Page Copywriting Tips

Here are some juicy bonuses to level up your sales page copy:

  • Take a break before you edit to give your eyes a break and get fresh ideas
  • Read your copy out loud when you are editing
  • Optimize your sales page for mobile
  • Create white spaces by breaking up your sentences and using bullets
  • Add relevant graphics to keep your target audience engaged
  • Give a guarantee that your prospects investments are safe
  • Create an FAQ section to clear any objections 

Yay! You’re ready to write a sales page convert

Now that you’ve learned the 6-part framework of sales pages that sell, it’s time to write yours. Grab this sales page template to rock your next launch like the badass you are!

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