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These 5 Sales Page Mistakes Might Be Costing You a Hell of Conversions

Here’s the thing, when visitors land on your sales page, most of the time, they have one thing in mind, “let me see how this product or service can help me.”

That’s it…

You need to hit the points of persuasive selling because the ball is in your court. Let them know your product/service is what they need to improve their lives.

The biggest mistake is when your landing page is missing the elements to optimize it for conversions. What’s the point of having a sales page that isn’t making any sales?

To make them buy, not bounce, make sure you are not making these five big sales page mistakes that kill conversions. 

Grab a seat. I’m about to spill the beans!

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1. Writing the Wrong Headline 

The power of headlines can’t be underestimated. They are a gateway to any online sale, your sales page inclusive. Don’t let yours be uninviting. Don’t make that sales page mistake

Your headline should NOT merely be:

  • The name of your offer, e.g. Laura’s Ebook Template. 

Laura can increase the conversion rate on her sales page with a headline like: “A plug-n-play template to help you create beautiful, organized ebooks, to simplify work and save time.”

  • A clickbait headline that is just after clicks.

It is okay to include the name of your offer creatively, but most importantly, it should spark the desire to make a purchase. The headline of your landing page should be attention-grabbing, promising, and persuasive.

2. Allowing Distractions 

On your sales page, your potential customers should focus on one thing – your offer! You don’t want them getting distracted. It should be a simple “you can only scroll up or down, and click the call to action (CTA)” kinda page!

Imagine I land on your sales page, scroll as I consume your copy, and eventually click a link that takes me to your About page or blog posts instead of converting me right on the page. Your outgoing links should not be distracting. Instead, they should lead to payment, download of opt-in pages.

So, remove headers, footers, navigation bars, hyperlinks, and don’t forget to disable pop-ups on your landing page.

Google SERP's rich result for sales page mistakes

3. Playing Hide-n-seek With Your CTA Buttons

If your target audience has a hard time finding your call-to-action (CTA) buttons, selling will be a distant dream, and the conversion rate will suck. 

When it comes to business, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to order your items, coaching program, digital products, etc.

Put your CTA in visible buttons with attraction colors like red, orange, fuchsia pink, etc.; or other colors in deeper shades, and place them in strategic places.

4. Putting Features on Sale Instead of Benefits

This is one of the common sales page mistakes entrepreneurs make. Somehow, nearly everyone ends up marketing the features of their products or services instead of benefits. Your ideal customers are interested in how your offer can help them, not what it has.

For example, I want to market Google Docs to you, and I say it has several powerful features like:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Work Accessibility
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Remote Working
  • Security
  • Auto-Saving
  • Offline Access to work

Will this spark an “OMG! I have to get this” feeling in you? No? 

But what if I say Google docs allows you to:

  • Store your essential information on the cloud database so that you can access them whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Create content that is easy to access and share with your team from anywhere around the world.
  • Enhances real-time collaboration between you and your clients on suggestions and comments to make a project better.
  • Secure your work, and only share with selected people who need to see it.
  • Worry less about losing your work because it autosaves everything you do.
  • It allows you to continue working offline when there’s no data connection and saves work when the connection is available.

Identify the underlying benefit of each feature, then emphasize these benefits!

5. Being Too Straight to the Point

If you ask me what copy length gets the most conversions, if it’s a short or long-form sales page, I’d say…“it depends.” However, an extremely concise copy is not on the list of options. 

This is another common sales page mistake a lot of business owners make.

When trying to make your copy clear and easy to understand, don’t sell out your ideal client’s interest by simply listing the deliverables, features, and prices. It’s boring and unpersuasive having to scroll down a pile of listings.

Here’s the raw and sugar-free truth: “People don’t care about your offer.” They are more interested in how your offer can be of help to them. 

Your product and services offer solutions to the needs and problems your potential customers have. Then, show them how your offer can give them the result they desire the moment they click your sales page.

Woozay! Your sales page is ready to make sales 

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Which of these sales page mistake have you made? Share with me in the comments.

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