Here's how it happens:

Our process in detail

What you want is: Results for your content marketing efforts

We help you get measurable, profitable results:







Through our strategy-backed framework.

Pennalife's framework for content development

This is a well-blended combo of three processes: SaaS Scrutiny, Customer Journey Mapping (CJM), and Content Cluster Strategy (CCS).

SaaS Scrutiny

This covers everything about your product, how it’s different from other SaaS, and where its positioning lies. 

Customer Journey Mapping

We go beyond keywords and understand your ideal customer’s search intent and their journey through your product.

We map content for every stage of their buying journey. This content aims to position your SaaS as the solution they need throughout your sales funnel.

Content Cluster Strategy

We follow a cluster approach to content using our CCS framework. Search bots and your users see you as the go-to for such topics.

So instead of random stories that don’t connect, you get a strategy-backed cluster strategy that gives you profitable results.

We help you generate business with content that gets results

It could have been tough finding your balance because you:

  • Have no content strategy
  • Don’t have the time and resources to create one
  • Lack strong data and analytic framework
  • Hire people who don’t have in-depth knowledge of your market’s pain points or how to use them to create better content

But, your content process is about to become a lot easier and results-driven.

No regurgitation. No guesswork. Only fresh, data-backed content

Anyone can come up with random content ideas and fill them up on a spreadsheet — and just wait for results in vain.

Other people can swipe 15 paragraphs from a ranking article, pop them into a content spinner, and say, “Another article posted.” 

We're different.

We don’t guess. We don’t spin. We take the guesswork out of marketing by developing a repeatable framework for creating standout strategy and content.

What happens after you schedule a call?

1. Introductory call

We’ll get on a 30-minute call to understand your goals. After which you’ll get a quote and contract for your project.

2. Content draft

We get into work mode and kickstart the content writing process.

3. Client review

You give feedback and we implement. You’re entitled to two rounds of fierce revision per content piece.

4. CMS upload

We upload the draft to your CMS and take care of other pre-publish tasks such as imagery and metadata. Just publish.


Got questions? We’ve got answers too.

Mostly. But, we also work with other brands in the MarTech (marketing and technology) space.

Once the topic has been approved, we write, refine, and deliver the draft within five business days.

We don’t. But, we use a data-informed process to write content that targets profitable keywords you can realistically rank for. This method is how we tickle Google’s fancy. Feel free to check our project portfolio to see what we mean.

We specialize in blog content — from strategy to writing. But we also provide our clients with the following:

  • Ebooks
  • Guides
  • Social media content
  • Video scripts

If you needs for any of these other services, let us know on the call to factor this into your plan.