I love being fit, I mean I’m always talking about it and working out of course. But if there is something I love as much as I love to workout, it is eating cake especially when I get to make it myself.

I know! I know! You are probably giving imaginary me that look right now like “Whaaaaat? Girl? WTF!!!” I know it’s cake, but this is my fave when it comes to shedding dead weight. Exercise is one thing but this is one bad-ass hack that saves my body when I crave cake.

Okay guys! Here is the thing, I have a weight-loss cake recipe (and it is not a gag I promise). It is an absolute gluten-free and keto-friendly diet.  You know, I am a BIGGGG fan of Cassey Ho’s Blogilates, so I’ve been able to learn a few fitness hacks that work for me, exercise- and foodwise.

I am SOOOO EXCITED to let y’all know about this dessert, and you’re welcome already. I call it Blueberry FitCake.

For the cake:
• 4 Cups of Almond/Cornflour
• 1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder
• 1 Cup of Plant-Based Organic Sweetener (or you could just use the regular sugar)
• 180g of Butter
• 8 Large eggs
• ½ Cup of Milk
• 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract
• 1 Tablespoon of Baking Powder
• 1 Teaspoon of Salt

For the frosting:
• 200g of Cream Cheese
• 100g of Butter
• 3 Cups of Powdered Sugar
• 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
• 125g–1 Plate–of Blueberries or grapes

How you can prepare this yummy goodness?
For the cake:
• Mix the sweetener/sugar and butter in a big bowl.
• Beat in the eggs, one at a time.
• Measure the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt in another bowl, and combine.
• Add the combined powder to the mix, a little at a time and add milk.
• Mix till all ingredients are fully incorporated into the batter
• Split the batter into two baking pans and bake at 180°C for 30-45mins.

For the frosting:
• Beat the cream cheese and butter in a bowl.
• Add the powdered sugar till combined.
• Pour in the vanilla extract and mix.

After the baked cake has cooled, add your frosting and blueberries.
Y-U-M-M-Y is another name for this dessert!!! It is moist, fluffy and absolutely delicious.

You could try out my fitcake recipe too–I’m sure you’d be glad you did!

PS: Almond and cornflour are low-carb and gluten-free; plant-based organic sweeteners are calorie-free, and blueberries support weight-loss too.

Do you have a weight-loss cake recipe that gives you joy? I can’t wait to hear it. Share with me in the comment box.

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