You want to create quality content that wows your audience, but you have no clue what to do and this is why you’re here now.

In this post, I explained 6 ways to write quality content for your audience. Grab a seat and let’s dive right in!

What you need to know about content

When it comes to business marketing, you’d want to agree with me that quality-rich content is key. Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, small business owner, or B2B company, you have the ultimate goal of making money. To achieve this goal, you need to offer something valuable–valuable content, in exchange for their cash.

It’s not enough to start a business blog. Whatever content you create should not just market it, instead, it should proffer solutions to your audience’s needs. Great content is readable, valuable, and sharable.

Note: You can’t create content that resonates deeply with your audience by just merely thinking. It’s great to turn ideas to post, in fact, it is creative with a different angle and insights, however, there is a need for a little research. You need to find out their problems, and how your ideas, thoughts, and researches can solve these problems.

To create great content is not to churn out posts. Well-crafted blog posts that no one is looking for is not the key. It’s about creating posts people are looking for. How then do you create these kinds of posts?

These tips will help you write quality content your audience will love.

1. Do your research work

To get started, you need to find answers to this questions.

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What are my audience’s problems/questions?
  3. How can I solve/answer them?

If you think for a minute that your audience is just demographics and analytic lines, think again. Your business game is never fully set-up without your audience, the real MVP. 

Defining your buyers’ persona is the prerequisite of effective content marketing. Researching about your ideal clients, things they do, places they hang out, their challenges and problems make it easy to create content that resonates with them on a deeper level and solves their problems. After all, you can only find answers to what you know.

2. Don’t Forget Competitor Analysis

No bad blood…and you’re in no way copycatting.

Keeping tabs on your competitors will help you develop better ways to create content that will grow your business.

For example: If you and Company A offer similar products/services, then, knowing the kinds of posts Company A produces for its audience will give you an idea of content ideas your target market (audience) would love.

In fact, the whole concept of competitor analysis challenges you to be better. Therefore doing a content audit of your competitors will help you understand what content is trending, sharable and relevant to your business audience, and content marketing strategies to apply to hit your goals. 

3. Keyword research is Key

Using keywords not only makes your posts relevant, it gives you a chance at ranking on Google. 

Keyword research analysis tells you what your audience is finding answers to. It will help you create informative and engaging content that will grow your traffic, and get your audience to take the actions you want them to.

There are various keyword research tools–SEMrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, etc–and other ways to get topnotch content ideas for your business.

4. Craft attention-grabbing headlines

There is no way anyone would know how insightful your posts are if they won’t click to read. Your headline is the sign post displaying “great content here, stop-by and engage.” 

If it’s not catching your readers attention, chances are, they might pass-by. Your headlines should be eye-catching. They should also be unique, ultra-specific, useful and urgent.

Make use of adjectives, numbers, rationales, and power (emotional) words.

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5. Optimize your blog for content marketing

So basically, content marketing is more important than the content itself. I’m trying to say if people don’t see your content, what then? It wouldn’t matter how good it is.

This is why you should enable your website to market quality content to your readers.

  • Add social share buttons so that they can promote every insightful information they read. 
  • Link to other related topics that you think they would want to know about.
  • Or you can add related content at the end of every post so that they can check them out for more insights.

By doing this, you’ll increase traffic, page views and time spent on your site. 

6. Hire a Freelance Writer

This is the easiest way. There is no need to be overwhelmed, or let your business down by not creating topnotch content for your audience, or being overwhelmed. You can hire a freelance writer to produce informative and engaging content for your business.

This is a fast and effective way of creating quality-rich content tailored to your audience’s needs.  


Creating quality content is the soul of every business marketing. Your audience will grow if you create relevant content filled with information and insights–that resonate with them–on a consistent basis.

After you’ve created awesome posts, make sure to give it more life by adding graphics to make it catchy, and don’t forget to promote your content.

 How do you create content for your business?

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