If you have been thinking of starting a blog, but you don’t even know what the heck to blog about, today is your day, I promise! You probably have a stream of ideas flowing through your mind, or just maybe you can’t seem to extract any idea at all, keep calm and read through, everything is about to make sense. No matter how simple it is to start a blog, how to choose a profitable niche is a crucial stage and you shouldn’t fuck things up like I did, which was why my first blog failed.

In this post, you will know how to choose the blog niche that’s perfect for you. You are probably thinking- what is a blog niche? And why in the world do I even need it? —A blog niche is your blogging category, and yes it matters because you want to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, right? It would make sense if you prove to be a pro on a particular topic. Most times, it is best to choose 1 niche, or no more than 2-3 niches if you intend to attract an audience. Although, no one is going to file a lawsuit if you decide to post content in a ton of niches; but think about its adverse effect on your blog growth—SEO, traffic, sales, and a lot more.

In this post, you will learn about choosing a profitable blog niche, and the daunting questions you will need to find answers to before picking one and these are:

1. What Topic Do You Love To Talk About?

Having a successful blog does not end when you start a blog. I made this mistake, and it was one of why my first blog failed.

As a new blogger who is excited about the blogging world, you start off strong dishing-out posts with topnotch content in the first week, or perhaps every week of the first month.

Pretty soon you begin to slack probably because you are not getting the result you want. But this is where your interest and consistency comes into play. Choose a niche you’d blog about even if no one motivates you, and be consistent with your activities.

Whether or not you choose the right niche can either explode your business or relinquish it to the background. Many a time, people get tired of blogging a couple of months due to lack of interest in their blog niche.

Dear aspiring blogger, know your passion! Find that thing you love to talk and write about, the one you won’t get tired of, and make it your blogging niche.

2. Who Would You Give Value To?

Start anything with the end in mind. If you start your blog this way, you’d have an edge. Take your time and figure this out, “Who would you serve?” Yes, you would choose your niche, create good content; but you know it’s not for you. So who would your benefit from the content you provide?

This guides you in your content creation process, you make posts with your ideal audience in mind. In that way, you are able to connect with their fears and solve their problems. The insightful niche-related content you create pulls a group of your niche-interested people who picks interest in your content, these people are your target audience.

3. How Competitive Is The Market?

Before you pick that niche, do market research!!!

Find out about what the niche market is like, how big it is, level of demand, who your competitors are (I wrote about how to do these in this FREE template of Business Plan for blogging). Do not choose a niche with a high or too low (not in demand) competition won’t really do you good. The reason is not far-fetched — high authority websites will always win when you pick a highly competitive niche, and a smaller niche that has no demand won’t thrive.

Your best bet? Choose a niche

  • whose market is simply big enough, and
  • people are interested in and searching for it.

To do market research, use research tools like Google Trends, SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Moz Keyword Planner.

4. What Are The Possible Ways To Monetize the niche?

When you choose a profitable niche that makes money, build your blog, and give a lot of valuable resources to be able to earn. Create insightful, and engaging content that makes you exceptional.

It is not the best practice to make one great post one in a very long while, and post another when you feel like. It is not!

Stick to a schedule/content creation strategy, be intentional and consistent with it. After this, you will eventually be able to MONETIZE it.

There are several ways [people monetize their blogs. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it takes a lot of dedication, focus, consistency, and strategizing. With the consistent outpouring of valuable resources, you’d be able to pull the right traffic (people who are interested in your content) to buy your affiliate products, other products, and services.

5. How Much Effort & Time Will Be Required To Monetize it?

This is no fixed span of time and effort to commit to blogging to be able to make money online. Some people take months, others weeks.

It is all you! It depends on how big the end you have in mind is. Some spent years before really getting it, others months.

Having the end in mind gives you a picture of the kind of result you hope to receive from your blog, and this gives you the initiative to dedicate a period of time and effort that best works for you.

Hey pal, you are all set and ready to choose the perfect blog niche. I have attached a list of 37 hot niches that really make money. See below, or click HERE to download it as a PDF file.

Rich Result on Google SERP for how to choose a profitable blog niche. This is a FREE list of 37 hot niches that really make money

What other profitable blog niches do you know about?

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