copywriting for small businesses

I’m a Copywriter and friggin’ perfectionist who uses words and strategy that work

Are you:

  • Wasting money on jargon copy that leads to no conversions?
  • Burning out trying to fix your marketing strategy?
  • Getting poor marketing results that make your business goals look like a fantasy?
  • Losing sales and leads because you’re missing the right words that pay?
  • Feeling stuck, and about to give up on your big ideas?

Don't! I've got you

what if you could...

  • Make sales that x3 your income
  • Get more qualified leads with the right words and strategy
  • Obtain consistent sales and great marketing results
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche and stand out from competitors
  • Connect with your audience using brand messages that click
  • Get collaborations with big brands through effective storytelling
  • Have the time and sanity to enjoy life when your strategy runs on autopilot

This would be you...

Happy, relaxed and achieving your business goals

So, instead of scrambling to stand out, hire a copywriter who:

  • Has a knack for getting things done
  • Enjoys crafting words that pay
  • Understands your brand needs, voice, and values
  • Is committed to helping you achieve your marketing goals
  • Will establish your brand authority and authenticity
  • Is Sally Ofuonyebi, and will win your copy case!

what copy help can I render?

1. Website Copy

Your website is your brand face and greatest salesperson. Let me write copy that communicates your brand message, values and offers.

2. Email Copy

Get me to write words that connect with your audience, market your offers and make you terrific sales in emails

3. Sales Copy

Hire me to write compelling copy that addresses your customers’ pain-points and leads them to pay for your your well-positioned offer.

what some of my clients are saying...

“Sally has supported me greatly by writing my web copy. She was able to get in my head and bring out the words and thoughts I didn’t know I had, and turned them into catchy, dynamic copy. It was such a seamless process working with her to get it together. She asked relevant questions and used the information given in such creative and intuitive ways. Highly recommend Sally! It will take away your stress, without changing your voice. She is open and responsive to feedback, and makes sure you are happy with the outcome.”
Chaital Harry
Personal Development & Leadership Coach
“Sally is the one! She created sales copy for my fashion brand. It was detailed, engaging and clear. I've never had my copy so simple yet captivating in my brand voice. My sales growth shot out of the roof. She asked what success would mean for me and I said x3 increase in sales. I got x10! Over 95% increase in product sales. And, ah! Her client relation is second to none. I absolutely recommend Sally!"
Tobi Akomolafe
Fashion Designer

My copy process

1. Strategy

You will fill a questionnaire (even if you skip the call). This is for me to get familiar with your brand and its needs.

2. Framework

I’ll structure the solution process – project details, timeframe and cost – based on your answers to the questionnaire.

3. Creation

I’ll write the first draft and send it to you in Google doc. file. Then, we work through two rounds of revisions.

4. Perfection

I’ll make final edits to your copy based on the reviews you make. At this point, I’ll communicate with your designer, if you have one.

Want copy that gets friggin’ good conversions?