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These copywriting secrets – that most entrepreneurs know nothing about – will more than 3x your traffic, engagement and sales.

Let’s get real… What is it like running your business? Are you getting a tsunami of sales or it’s just devastating?

The fact is if you know what you can do differently to spice up your copy, you’ll triple your sales super-fast. So, how do you create killer copy that speaks to your audience, markets your offer, and makes huge sales?

Shhh! I’m about to reveal 7 uncommon copywriting secrets to help you get increased sales and brand growth. Grab a seat and listen…

1. Confirm You’re Not a Robot

Before you sell successfully to the next client, you must confirm that you’re human. Here’s what I mean…

The world is filled with millions of businesses, several lookalike copy ‘cause everyone is using the same template. And with several people trying to be Mr and Mrs/ Miss Overly Professional, life can be really tense and boring.

So how do you stand out amidst this mess of stereotypes and communicate to your audience with messages that touch their core? Be yourself! Be humane; write like you talk, be funny if you want, forget “prim and proper”, make them feel something, and make life a lot less boring.

2. Take Blair Warren’s Advice

That man, in his book “The One Sentence Persuasion Course,” reveals the secret psychology of copywriting in one sentence. People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, help throw rocks at their enemies.

Several business owners make mistakes in their sales copy, by not connecting on an emotional level with their audiences’ fears, pains, hopes, and dreams. Use this to your advantage.

3. Don’t Make It All About You

Your copy shouldn’t be just about YOU, your achievements, or what you offer if you’re ever going to make the kind of sales you want.

Here’s a secret:

Don’t say: “I’m ABC. I’ve done the almighty stuff for several small businesses and can do it for you too, if you want.”

Say: “I’m ABC. I help small businesses do the almighty stuff to achieve their XYZ goals.”

Talk to them…about themselves, their needs, challenges, and how you can help.

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4. Sell Crystal-Clear Offers

Your copy should be clear, detailed, and understandable. Talk about your offer in a specific manner. Make sure that you: 

  • Format your copy for reading
  • Use bullets to outline your points 
  • Create white spaces
  • Add pictures that tell your story
  • Give a clear call-to-action

5. Don’t Overstate

Albert Einstein understood the secret of copywriting and marketing when he said, “If you can’t explain it simply enough, then you don’t understand it.” 

Overstating and/or making exaggerated claims makes your copy look tricky, forceful, and fluff-filled. Now, this is not about short or long copy. It’s about describing and marketing your offer in a way that it looks hyped because you’re saying too much.

Imagine writing a topic about “what is copywriting,” Lucy goes on to define copywriting, explains the types and examples, and lists what you need to copywrite, all in 15 lines. But Tobi uses the same 15 lines to define the term “copywriting.”

Lucy’s content will be clearer, easier to consume, more relevant and informative than Tobi’s. Good copy is simple and devoid of any weight that drags sales.

6. Ditch $100 Words 

Forget them, they are expensive. How many can you afford to buy till you run out of cash?

Instead, use 5 cents words that are simple to understand. Nobody cares about big grammars! They only matter in school during English courses, it doesn’t in copywriting. Using big words in your copy may come off as a show-off or sign of insecurity.

Don’t put off potential customers. Write your copy in clear and simple sentences that are in the grade level of 5-7 .

7. Lead With Conversation

If you write in a conversational tone, you will get more conversion. This is not a prophecy, it’s a fact!

Think about sales like a dialogue. It’s always between two kinds of people, buyers and sellers. Don’t write like you’re writing a report, article or newsletter; write like you want to make a particular person buy your stuff. This is where you need to create a buyer persona. 

For a start, you can speak to a friend about your offer and record your discussion. Then, build your copy around that conversation. In this way, your copy will call out to your audience individually.

The summary of this is add personality, creativity and simplicity to your copy to X3 the conversion you get.

Yay! With these copywriting secrets, you’re ready to craft bomb-ass copy that will make crazy sales and explode your brand online.

You’ve learned the ropes, but, you still want to step up your copy x conversion game hella fast? Let’s talk!

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