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Chaital Harry is a Personal Development & Leadership Coach.

Her website, Candescent Consulting, is aimed at helping entrepreneurs achieve sustainable growth in their personal and professional lives through a structured process.

Project Summary

The Copy: It is connecting, clear and engaging. Several entrepreneurs at different points in their lives get confused, stuck, and unclear about their goals and how to achieve them. Candescent consulting encourages them to get on a discovery call.

The Core Message: You deserve to, and can grow limitlessly in your personal life and career.

The Experience: Working with Chaital was amazing. It was fun writing her web copy because she knew exactly what she wanted. With responsive feedback and a clear mission, I was able to craft relatable and engaging copy.

Sally has supported me greatly by writing my web copy. She was able to get in my head and bring out the words and thoughts I didn’t know I had, and turned them into catchy, dynamic copy.

It was such a seamless process working with her to get it together. She asked relevant questions and used the information given in such creative and intuitive ways.

Highly recommend Sally! she will take away your stress, without changing your voice. She is open and responsive to feedback, and makes sure you are happy with the outcome.

– Chaital Harry


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